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The human race

Oh! How amazing the diversity of the human race We are alike yet so different. We are as distinct as night from day Though with ranging beliefs, thoughts and perceptions of life we tend to unite and coexist together. Our varying ideas, concepts and understandings have assisted in building a world where we all are... Continue Reading →

Random facts about me

I guess everyone or some people wants to have an insight into the author's life. My life is boring! But since you’re here and I’m here too, let’s knock this out of the park, shall we? I love horror and action movies. Still wondering what my talent is. I eat slow. Find it stressful eating... Continue Reading →

maybe I’m just weird

I sleep pretty late and usually end up hungry so I'm always looking for food or end up cooking some around 1AM. Anybody does that too? Or maybe I'm just weird 😞

We ain’t done yet. 

Before you think of judging someone; DON'T.  Before you think of passing someone by and simply smile or say a few kind words to them; DO.  You never know the difference that one moment could make.  And to you the one being judged, the one being put down by yourself or someone else, the one... Continue Reading →

Always My Mother 💓

Mother's day is being celebrated today, 11th March 2018 in Nigeria. I wasn't thinking of posting today, but I was watching the Big Brother Naija show and the housemates were told to do a presentation for their mothers and this got me to tears.  In my life, the person who has the most significant influence... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award 

​I am so grateful to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! I was nominated by Simi (Her royal awesomeness). She has a nice collection of random Posts mostly demonstrating how she views life. Thank you for the nomination. Please check out her witty blog @ sim's jollies & jaunts            ... Continue Reading →

I’m fine 😃

It is said that the most common lie is the answer, “Fine” to the question, “How are you?” The pain i feel is hard to hide. I'm sader and sader as the days pass by. I never have someone to talk to, and when i do i don't feel like talking. No one knows my... Continue Reading →

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